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  • About DHU

    Donghua University (DHU) was founded in 1951. It is one of 75 universities that are under the direct management of the Ministry of Education of China, one of the universities that accepted international students as early as 1954, as well as one of the first batch of 27 universities that have passed the Quality Accreditation for International Students Education.


    29 doctoral degree programs, 70 master’s degree programs and 58 undergraduate programs are available to international students. DHU enrolls over 4800 international students from nearly 140 countries each year. This population ranks 10th among the universities in China.

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    Located in Shanghai, an international metropolis in Asia

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    Career development support especially for International students

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  • Testimonials

    郑宜修 Khalil Ahmed


    Textile Engineering

    Donghua is no doubt an educational institute with highly experienced teachers, labs equipped with latest testing instruments and a giant library to quench the thirst of book lovers. Being far away from home, I was feeling a sense of loneliness when I landed in China for the first time, however soon I realized that it’s just like my own home. DHU has a very big international students’ family lodging, studying, enjoying, sharing culture and food together. Donghua doesn’t enrich the students only with the knowledge inside the classroom rather it provides chance to do internships, industrial visits, workshops etc. as well.

    钟燕巧 Chong Yian Chiow


    Business Administration

    Life is full of surprises and you never know how things will turn out. Time flies, I’ve been in Donghua for the seventh year. The advantage I can speak fluent Chinese makes me adapt to the study and life here faster. Therefore, I joined ISA and RA of ICES to help international students who have just arrived Shanghai and also organizing events and activities, such as sports activities, talent competition and more. China has a saying, “rely on parents at home, rely on friends outside.” I’m grateful to my family, teachers, friends, classmates for their help. My life is getting better because of you all.

    唐明升 Tomas Jankauskas


    Computer Science and Technology

    Donghua is a special place – they did everything to make all the newcomers feel very comfortable. With the help of teachers, advisors and classmates I felt that I’ve found my second home. It is important to mention that Donghua has one of the best international communities I have ever seen. Every year there are plenty of activities that will help you to find new friends, get more familiar with the school, Chinese culture and traditions. I can honestly say that choosing Donghua was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am happy to be the part of this wonderful organization.

    金始恩 Kim Sieun

    South Korean

    Fashion and Apparel Design

    Donghua offers amazing courses for those who want to study fashion design. And I have seen a new kind of world by studying through Donghua. They made me understand fashion to a greater extent. From the first day of school, I was already involved in numerous International Student Association activities. I craved to do something outside school to improve my skills and at the same time I could get to meet new people too. Donghua is a great university to study in, I got nice friends, good student life, even their food from the canteen is unbelievably good.

    爱丽莎 ELSA MEDIN


    International Trade

    I believe Shanghai a fantastic city and CIP a great choice for studying business. It is an international community where you have access to a broad network, to students and teachers from different countries, and to business professionals who share their experiences. The academic atmosphere and overall students experience in Donoghua have benefited my personal development massively. I develop a business-oriented mindset during the study. The teachers helped me to get out from my comfort zone, to make innovations and I was encouraged to start my own company.

  • Program Introduction

    DHU offers 58 undergraduate programs, including 5 English-taught programs. Find more about programs, scholarships and application via prospectus.


    DHU offers 66 master's programs, including 9 English-taught programs. Most of 28 doctoral programs can be instructed in Chinese or English.


    Curriculum consists of language foundation, cultural contents and economy & trade specialties. Non-beginners can start from a higher level and graduate earlier.


    Experiential learning education philosophy with global learning environment. Three Majors: Business Administration, Marketing, International Trade.


    SCF has launched two programs, Fashion Innovation and Fashion Interior Design, in cooperation with Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, UK.


    2 years' professional master's program attaches importance to cultivating practical & innovative abilities through case studies, project practices and internships.


  • Students' Life in DHU

    Made by Khalil Ahmed from Pakistan

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